Applied Permaculture Design

We specialize in the design and development of productive and natural landscapes. Applied Permaculture Design works with individual households, communities, businesses and primary producers. The purpose is to repair and regenerate the land and its ecosystems. This builds healthy habitats that provide, natural and more abundant gardens. Consequently, healthy habitats and organic practices in soil enrichment also build more productive, nutrient-rich agriculture. This also promotes healthy communities.

So permaculture practice promotes healthy habitats and it is applied in the spaces and communities where we live and work. This ranges from the urban setting all the way out into the rural landscape. And applying principles of permaculture will help reduce ecological damage. It’s application also helps regenerate and revitalize the health and productive capacity of the land. As a result, this helps restore hope in humanity’s future on the Earth, together with life in all its forms.

Helping to Care for our Planet

Join a growing movement of people on the Earth who are choosing to take responsibility for the restoration and care of the land and its ecology. It is about re-connecting with the natural world.

Permaculture assists in the observation and understanding of nature’s diversity, structure, and function. As a result, this strategic approach enables the development of human habitat in a way that considers the welfare and health of the Earth’s environment. In partnership with a range of eco-technologies, Permaculture provides a systematic approach to communal and landscape design which is straight forward, practical and achievable.

And it Makes a Difference

Humanity is an integral element in the relationships that exist in the biosphere of Earth. And it is the diversity and co-operative nature of these relationships that is mutually beneficial and necessary in order for all of life to flourish. So care and consideration in the way in which we inhabit the earth is, as it always has been, a vital requirement. If this is the case, then the nurturing of life on the Earth is humanity’s responsibility.

Applied Permaculture Design is here to assist in the fulfillment of that responsibility. It is through the encouragement and guidance of consultation, sound Permaculture design, and training that makes the difference. Now households, communities, businesses and primary producers can adopt an effective approach to Earth care. Remember, it is achievable. It can begin today and it can make a difference!

Urban - Limited Space

Urban - Limited Space

Permaculture Toolkit   Perennial food forest stacking, Soil Health and Fertility through Composting, Worm Farming, Water harvesting and Storage, Chicken Coop, Compact Aquaculture, Attractive & Functional Landscapes
Urban living offers a compact setting for eco-friendly activities. Permaculture is capable of providing nutrient rich, chemical-free food on the average suburban block, helping a small family become more self-sufficient. Grey water & green waste recycling combined with the use of renewable energy and smart architectural design, delivers significant long term economic and sustainability benefits.  The practice of permaculture and economic choices that are directed by eco-friendly values contribute to the regeneration of the environment.  It also brings the rediscovery of community, the sharing of abundance, and an improved sense of well-being while exploring the bounty of living soils.  
Peri Urban - Expanding Space

Peri Urban - Expanding Space

Permaculture Toolkit   Water harvesting design, Water storage for irrigation, Grey water recycling, Solar Energy, Chicken Tractors, Dairy Cows, Cattle, Sheep, Alpaca & Goats, Alley Cropping, Aquaculture, Wildlife Corridors
On the fringes of the Urban centres, properties expand into small acre allotments where zoning criteria allows for more flexible land use. A greater range of livestock can be incorporated into agricultural activities providing a broader diversity of food supply which is packed with healthy nutrients.  Onsite fertilizer sources reduce input costs and allows for more intensive composting and innoculant tea production which adds microbes to the soil and builds biomass. Perennial Food forests can be more extensive, building greater bio-diversity. Swales and small scale dams will assist in hydrating the pasture for these activities, creating an enhanced capacity for enterprise development.
Rural - Broad Acre Space

Rural - Broad Acre Space

Permaculture Toolkit   Landscape Hydration, Drought Resilience, Swales & Dams, Soil Health, Pasture Inoculant, Renewable Energy, Keyline Plowing, Holistic Grazing Management, Timber Forests, Full Permaculture Zoning
This is the ultimate setting for agricultural activity.  Broad acre farming can contribute much towards the health of the Earth and provides the greatest opportunity for self-sufficient, nutrient rich food production and profitable enterprise. The issues facing primary producers are significant and includes the need to build drought resilience into the soil for more profitable pasture and cropping activities.  When local knowledge and experience is combined with Permaculture, Holistic Management and other eco-friendly technologies, bio-diverse solutions can be implemented to reduce input costs and yield a more abundant, sustainable production, inspiring hope for the future. Contact us regarding your context...