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Begin to explore your amazing world through Permaculture. Expand your mind and discover other eco-friendly technologies today! Make a difference and join a growing movement of people on a global scale. They are making a difference in their local communities. Help heal and rejuvenate our planet and enjoy healthier food, in a healthier environment. Invest in the future through your actions today!

Reasons You Might Connect

• You might appreciate time with our consultant on site. This is the perfect way to explore the benefits of eco-friendly permaculture on your land. It doesn’t matter where it is – suburban home, corporate venue or rural acreage. Manage it with productivity and environment in mind.
• You are ready to step out and discuss a specific design for your property. Your ideas applied in partnership with your environment will lead to something unique. It will be something you can put into action.
• You just want to make contact and see how Permaculture can make a difference. Chat with us about permaculture resources and training that will help you gain a little more insight? Its never too late to pursue that quest and discover something new!
• You may even like to discuss the possibility of arranging a guest speaker at your next function! Hearing a lively introduction to Permaculture and the new eco-technologies that can regenerate the health of our planet can be refreshing. Catching a glimpse of the future possibilities unfolding before us can be challenging and hopeful.

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Whatever the case, making contact with us is one very good way to get started. The conversation will cost you nothing but the time you take to make it happen. If you need assistance with any aspect of permaculture and other developing eco-technologies that lead to a more satisfying and productive use of your land, please contact Phillip Bradley.

Mobile/Cell: 0438 130 953 (International +61 438 130 953)

E-mail: [email protected]

Postal: Applied Permaculture Design, PO Box 4023, Knox City Centre, VIC 3152 Australia

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