Applied Permaculture Design Services

Services offered by Applied Permaculture Design assist in the development of effective Earth Care. And all who have an interest in the health of their planet and its local ecosystems will find inspiration in using these services. The benefits of the services become evident in the health and vibrancy of our communities and the local habitats that they call home.

Integrative, Cooperative, and Holistic

Permaculture design and practice is an integrative approach to community and landscape design. It brings understanding about the natural dynamics of the environment. With this understanding, the design services of Applied Permaculture Design bring together the various, complex elements of the human/enviro interaction. The purpose is to release a cooperative living style that functions in step with the processes of the natural world.

Consequently, as the balance of services implements the integrated design, concepts are translated into practices that facilitate cooperative living. In this way, an increasing inclusiveness of the various living elements promotes a synergistic provision of needs. When this integrative design process is effective it promotes health, vitality and more productive abundance.

All of this can only be achieved with a holistic approach to design that considers all elements and processes within the context. The interaction of human habitat and local ecosystems can then be arranged to promote a shared approach to life and resources. When this begins to happen, balance is restored to relationships and processes where resources are utilized fully, without waste. This then contributes to nutrient cycling that promotes vitality and life and abundant provision.

The Consequences

As a consequence, this will bring about greater harmony and mutual benefit in the environment leading to a more cooperative and complementary way of life for all living forms. The regeneration of life and provision will be the ongoing legacy.

Here are the Services we offer.



Coming alongside our clients to help them explore the possibilities

Getting started in Permaculture can be done independently, over time, as you teach yourself through personal study and application.

But if you would rather get started with Permaculture right away, the best option is to engage our Consulting Service where you can fast track your way to an engaging lifestyle that is great for our environment. Consultants are trained and equipped to assist you in taking action that is well planned from the beginning so that costly mistakes are avoided.

The consultant will visit you onsite and assess the unique characteristics of your property while at the same time paying attention to the ideas and vision that you have in mind.  In the light of this, key challenges and opportunities will be identified and practical permaculture solutions explained. By the conclusion of the consultation, you will have a new understanding of Permaculture and a clearer perspective about what is required to fulfil your plans.

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Bringing the vision to life through creative design and documentation

Some clients will have the skills and confidence to design their Permaculture project themselves.  This is quite achievable when the plans are simple and straight forward. However, without a thorough approach to design, costly mistakes can impact the effectiveness of the project.

Applied Permaculture Design offers a Design Service to its clients to ensure that their investment is well planned.  When engaged for this purpose, the introductory work accomplished in the initial consultancy contributes to a design framework that will form the basis of a detailed design document.  This document will provide notes, illustrations and mapping to the level of detail required by the client to implement the project.

Understanding the Permaculture principles and practice embodied in our Design Document is a critical ingredient to the success of installing a project. It will be a resource in the knowledge and practice of Permaculture for each site.



Constructing the dream for a healthy, productive, nutrient rich environment

Some of our clients will take the Design Document and begin to implement their project personally. Others will choose the Project Management Service offered by Applied Permaculture Design.  They will manage the project to ensure that a professional and well constructed vision is installed to the client's satisfaction.

Projects are often more complicated than clients realize and they require the skills to coordinate contractors and materials on site. The complexity grows with the size of the property and the extent of works required to implement the design. Applied Permaculture Design will ensure that it is completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

Throughout the process of implementation, we seek to keep our clients informed of the permaculture principles being incorporated into their site. This will assist them in the management of the new ecosystem and the lifelong process of learning that it will inspire.



Inspiring humanity to be equipped as permaculture practitioners

Applied Permaculture Design offers a range of training options for those who want to develop a greater understanding of permaculture and its practice. The Permaculture Design Certificate is a comprehensive 10 day course offered over 5 weekends.  It equips the student with a fundamental understanding of permaculture design and the essential skills associated with permaculture practice.

Short Courses for members of the community will be offered from time to time, as advertised. Subjects may include a "An Introduction to Permaculture", "Creating living Soils with Permaculture", "Water Harvesting and Permaculture", "Permaculture in the Home Garden" and "Eco-friendly Technologies in Farming". In addition to these, Applied Permaculture Design encourages the establishment of local Permaculture Associations, Seed Saving Networks and community Permablitz Projects.

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Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

Inspiration and hope for a habitable, revitalized, and more abundant planet

Applied Permaculture Design also offers a Keynote Speaker to assist community and business groups to better understand permaculture and the benefits that come from its application, both locally and globally.

From Inner city balconies to suburban blocks; in regional centres and out into broad acre farming environments, permaculture is a practical and very personal way of contributing to the repair and regeneration of our environment. Promoting the health of the soil food-web leads to richer nutrient levels in human foods and a reduced dependence on chemical fertilizers. And it makes a difference. Permaculture leads to improved, sustainable and more productive agriculture.

Would your group like to be inspired about the practical steps that can be taken? Permaculture, together with other eco-friendly technologies, offers a practical and hopeful way ahead.

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