Training Purchases

Training events are an important service offered by Applied Permaculture Design.

Applied Permaculture Design offers training that will establish a sound basis for your growth in Permaculture. The current offerings are available below. Simply click on the relevant event and you will be taken to the event details, together with the opportunity to make a booking. So get started today and book your place on the journey!

The Training in Context

Having access to land or space that we can use and cultivate is possible for most people. Whether an owner occupier or tenant, even the smallest space of a window or a balcony is a useful place to start practising Permaculture. Perhaps the most envied of all, and the ones who have the greatest responsibility and the greatest capacity for positive impact, are the larger landholders like our farmers.

Whatever space we have access to, setting it up with good Permaculture Design and practice is the objective. Its about working with the natural world, not against it. So, engaging the services of Applied Permaculture Design will get you involved in the design process for your space and get you started on a lifelong process of discovery, just as soon as you are ready.

Equipping for the Future

But Applied Permaculture Design is also about inspiring and equipping through its training. It provides the learning experiences that inform practice. The learning process is about facilitating personal engagement and ultimately leads to the Permaculture Design Certificate and beyond. This can launch students into a lifetime of opportunities in Permaculture and its associated eco-technologies. It is about equipping people with the capacity to enjoy their gardens and farms and manage them in a way that will have a regenerative impact on human health and socio-ecological practices for future generations. Small business activity will flourish and local economies will be reinvigorated.

There are no Current Training Opportunities