The Eco-Technology Stream

Our Training Modules are offered in two streams – Core Permaculture and Eco-Technology.

The Eco-Technology Stream relates to a wide range of technologies and associated skills that can be incorporated  into Permaculture design. They are dynamic and beneficial elements within the ecosystem of a site which contribute to the regeneration and revitalization of habitat. They also enhance abundant, nutrient rich food production.

Here are just some examples of  elements that can be the focus of the Eco-Technology training modules.

  • Livestock management, large and small: Bees, Chickens, Goats, Cattle, Alpaca…
  • Cropping: Gardening with Perennials, Annual Vegetables, Stacking for Abundance, Mushrooms, Food Forestry, Agroforestry
  • Nutrient Cycling (Composting and Pro-biotic Teas), Soils and Microbial Health, Nutrients-Dynamics and Enrichment
  • Renewable Energy incorporating solar, wind and other technologies
  • Sustainable Building Technologies such as Straw-bale and Rammed Earth construction

There is a huge range of specific skills that can be honed and incorporated into a Permaculture project. The specific characteristics of a project’s design and geographical context, together with the client’s interests and skills, will help determine which technologies can be effectively utilised. As we build our network of friends and associates, the skills training being offered through the Eco-Technology stream will ebb and flow, complementing and partnering with other individuals and enterprises that facilitate the healing, regeneration and revitalization of our amazing planet.